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  • January 28, 2020

A WordPress Security Audit Can Prevent Your Worst Nightmare

Imagine this. You wake up. Get your coffee. And head into your office feeling like everything is running smoothly.

And then you get the news:

Your site was hacked.

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What’s a security audit?

A security audit probably doesn’t sound fun. In fact, it sounds a little like scheduling a doctor’s visit. And that’s kind of what it is.

You go to the doctor for a checkup to catch a problem before it happens--or to get a cure for a problem after it happens.

And that’s what a security audit does for your WordPress site. You see, you may not be aware of existing gaps in your website security. A security review team, however, will know what to look for.

And although the prospect of someone outside your company poking around at your site may sound unpleasant, it’s a lot better to have someone with your company’s interests in mind be the one to find any issues than to let a malevolent individual find your site’s vulnerability.

Put simply, getting a security audit prevents someone hacking WordPress and potentially installing malware onto your site.

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How will I know if my site has been hacked?

There are several ways that you may find out your site has been hacked. Google will flag hacked sites in their search results and post an alert. But failure to see a search warning that your site has been compromised is not a guarantee that is hasn’t been hacked.

Some hacked content can actually be cloaked, which is a technique that shows different content to different people viewing the site. According to Google Support, “If a site gets hacked, it’s not uncommon for the hacker to use cloaking to make the hack harder for the site owner to detect.”

If you’re not sure whether your site has been hacked, the best way to find out is to hire a security review company to do an audit.

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What if my site was hacked already?

If a security audit reveals that your WordPress has been hacked, don’t panic. Instead, take steps right away to remove the malicious code and restore your site to its pre-hacked state. A professional WordPress security company can help you fix the security issues and guide you on how to fix the hack.

Regardless of whether your site has ever been hacked, IT security experts suggest a security review at least every 6 months. That’s because the techniques hackers use change constantly, and new vulnerabilities are always popping up.

Do you think your WordPress site might have been hacked?
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