Detect Security Vulnerabilities on your Website

Find the critical security threats on your WordPress website without lifting a finger.


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Why do you need a security audit?

It’s not a luxury but a necessity to smoothly run your business.

All websites are prone to get attacked anytime anywhere. They [hackers] use programs to automatically detect websites containing vulnerabilities.

Avoid getting banned by Google with our WordPress Security Audit Getting Blacklisted

In 2016, Google released a report where it said that over 50 million website users have been warned about a website they’re visiting may contain malware or steal their information. Adding to that, Google blacklists approx. 20k websites/week for malware and 50k websites/week for phishing. Needless to mention, your site needs to be ‘clean’.

Generally, website are very vulnerable - the NOLIOS WordPress Security Audit uncovers these vulnerabilities Generally Very Vulnerable

WordPress powers 32% of the websites on the internet. With this crazy market share, it brings with it a fair share of problems. According to a study, more than 72% of the WordPress websites are vulnerable to getting hacked. If that’s the case, then it makes sense for you to secure your site, isn’t it?

Getting hacked can result in high costs - a WordPress Security Audit by NOLIOS can help save these costs Loss of $$$

If you get hacked, it’s a total nightmare. One, you’d need to pay a security company anywhere between $500-$10,000 to ‘unhack’ your website. Two, you’d be losing revenue for every minute your website stays hacked. If you get 50 leads/day from your website and it takes 3 days to remove all malware, you are losing out on 150 leads. That’s a lot!

Why Choose Us?

Why NOLIOS should be your go-to agency to handle your WordPress security?
Our WordPress Security Audit doesn't rely only on automatic scans, we go manual to uncover even more issues
We Go Deep

First off, we don’t rely on automated tools to tell us what’s wrong with your site. There are a lot of threats that these tools miss and 90% of the times their scans are generic. We customize it for every site we audit. We manually check anything & everything that might be vulnerable to attacks on your website, now or in the future.

One of our deliverables is a detailed WordPress Security report
Detailed Reports

Since we go deep on your site’s audit, we are able to generate reports that are super advanced in analysis but extremely easy to digest. Once that’s done, we would also tell you the exact cost required to fix the flaws on your website to prevent any security issues in the near or distant future.

Let us address your WordPress Security while you focus on growing your business
Enhance Your Productivity

As a business, your time is money. We understand it perfectly. With NOLIOS, you don’t have to worry about updating your plugins, daily backups, installing/uninstalling or configuring plugins, or other security related measures. Scale your business with a peace of mind while we take care of your routine WordPress security.

At NOLIOS we have years of experience in WordPress Security
Rely On The Experts

With 15+ years of combined experience, we can safely say that we know what we do. We have audited enough WordPress websites to know right from wrong. What does it mean for you? Simple. You can trust us to take care of your site’s security. It also means that you don’t have to try out dozens of companies and freelancers, saving you both time and money.

Our Best Fit
Who we are absolutely stoked to work with
Small businesses and startups are especially vulnerable to WordPress Security issues
Small Business or Startup

We get it. Being a small team, you have bigger priorities than to sit and audit your WordPress security. However, it can’t be neglected either. Precisely why agencies like us help you with your web security while you take your business to new heights.

Non-tech businesses are especially vulnerable to WordPress Security issues
Non-Tech Businesses

If you are running a cafe or maybe a dermatology clinic, you don’t necessarily need to have a web security professional on your team. But who would protect your WordPress website? That’s an important lean-gen channel, isn’t it? Here’s where we come in. We audit your site’s security status from start to finish and provide you with detailed reports and suggestions to fix the issues.

What Our Service Includes

Take a look at the host of tasks we perform to hunt down threats.
Our WordPress Security help protect your website from hackers
All-Round Protection

Protect your website with hourly/daily updates, disabled PHP error reporting, removing WP version number and all other necessary things that’s paramount for your site’s and in turn your business’ protection.

Our WordPress Security ensures that your visitors are as safe as they can be when on your site
Secure Your Visitor’s Data

It’s your responsibility to shield your visitor’s data. We help with that enabling automatic virus & malware scans, enhancing form submission security with captcha and pretty much everything to secure your visitor’s data.

We're the enemy of the hackers since our WordPress Security patching closes potential entry points
Anti-Hacking Measures

Hackers are smart. But we are smarter. We ensure that the hackers are miserable while trying to hack your site by making system files private, remove unused software & plugins, disable directory listing and a lot more.

Our WordPress Security Audits address issues that may be an issue in the admin area of WordPress
Enhance Admin Security

Admin security is crucial for WordPress security. We ensure that it’s secure 24/7. We do that by limiting failed login attempts, disabling WP file editor, disable script concatenation for WP admin panel and pretty much everything else needed to shield your admin panel from threats.

A WordPress Security Audit can save you tons of $$$
Save Dollars

There’s a lot of risk with WordPress (and other CMSs as well) as you already know. However, any threat can lead to revenue loss. We help avoid that by monitoring your up-time continuously, defacement monitoring and removal of those pages, injected pages monitoring and removal and a bunch of other things to keep your site safe and clean.

A WordPress Security audit also addresses issues that might influence the user experience
Better UX

Your visitors should have a pleasant experience for them to take action. We set the seal on that by enabling SSL, removing malware, running regular (daily/weekly/monthly) scans to detect and remove threats at its root, etc.

Protect your site. Reach out to us & let's get started

Reach out for a security audit, questions or choose a plan below

    Simple, No-BS Plans

    Adding Security to Your Site Without Breaking the Bank
    Basic WordPress Security
    C$87 / m
    Basic WordPress Security
    • 2 security audits / year
    • Patch vulnerabilities (monthly)
    • 2 security reports / year
    Select Plan
    Advanced WordPress Security
    C$647 / m
    Advanced WordPress Security
    • 6 security audits / year
    • Patch vulnerabilities (monthly)
    • Spam protection
    • Weekly website backup (offsite)
    • 6 security reports / year
    • Save C$200 on our Advanced WordPress Maintenance Plan
    Select Plan
    Stellar WordPress Security
    C$1765 / m
    Stellar WordPress Security
    • 12 security audits / year
    • Patch vulnerabilities (weekly)
    • Spam protection
    • Brute force protection
    • Security dashboard
    • Hourly website back-up
    • 12 security reports / year
    • 4h development time /month for any task
    • E-Commerce Security
    • Includes our Stellar WordPress Maintenance Plan (C$997 value)
    Select Plan

    Look at it this way: if you hear that a lot of cars are being stolen in your area,  wouldn't you double check that the car is locked or the security system works? It's not a 100% guarantee, but you'll certainly make life more difficult for the thieves. It's the same thing with WordPress security, an audit checks that your site is locked and that there are security measures in place.

    While some security plugins for WordPress are better than others, they are just small automated programs that are too generic to deal with specific issues. Our manual audits go beyond the basics.

    You can, BUT it'll take a lot of time and unless you're an expert you may miss something. We're assuming you also would visit a cardiologist if you have an issue with your heart and not try to fix the heart problem yourself.

    While our audits are much more in-depth than many other security services out there, we cannot guarantee (and neither can anyone else) that we will uncover ALL the issues. Hackers, sites and plugins are continuously evolving and new threats are introduced frequently. Your mechanic also won't provide a guarantee that your car will never break down after servicing it.