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Why a WordPress Maintenance Service?

Maintaining a WordPress site isn’t as easy as it seems.

Simply put, if your website is down, you are losing money. Real money. For example, in 2017, organizations were losing an average $100,000 for every hour of downtime on their site.

120-hours just on WordPress maintenance 120-hours just on maintenance

According to research, one team member would be spending around 120 work hours to maintain your WordPress website. Needless to say,these precious hours could be used for other tasks such as product development or customer relationship management.

Save $$$ with a WordPress Maintenance service by NOLIOS You’re losing out on $$$

It cost $90,000/year or even more to hire a full-time employee to manage your WordPress website. You can significantly reduce website maintenance costs if you hire an agency to outsource your website maintenance.

Missing an update can be a disaster, not going to happen with our WordPress Maintenance Service Missing an update can be a disaster

You have a business to run. However, one missed update on WordPress or one corrupt database can be extremely detrimental to your business and can cost you thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to fix the damage and recover the lost data.

Why Choose Us for Your Website Maintenance?

Your business needs a partner like NOLIOS. Here’s why.
WordPress safety starts with security, a continuous concern we address in our WordPress Maintenance service
We keep it safe

At NOLIOS, we are well aware of what damage cyber attacks can cause. We’ve made security our #1 priority. Your website is never 100% safe. However, we take the necessary precautions (version updates, plugin config & updates, security patches, etc.) to prevent pesky vulnerabilities from surfacing out of the blue.

Focus on business, NOLIOS focuses on WordPress maintenance
Be productive

As a business, your time is money. We understand it perfectly. With NOLIOS managing your site, you don’t have to worry about updating your plugins, daily backups, installing/uninstalling or configuring plugins, or other general tasks. Scale your business with a peace of mind while we take care of your routine WordPress website(s).

Reduce costs and risks with WordPress maintenance by NOLIOS
Save a ton of money

We already told you how much it would cost to hire a FTE to maintain your WordPress. However, in the event of a hack, you can spend around $10,000 to ‘unhack’ your website. With our WordPress support services, you’re being proactive. We would have already taken the necessary measures to protect your site.

WordPress maintenance experts - NOLIOS
Trust the experts

With 15+ years of combined experience, we can safely say that we know what we do. We have managed plenty of WordPress websites to know right from wrong. What does it mean for you? Simple. You can trust that your site is well taken care of. It means that you don’t have to try out 10 different companies and freelancers, saving you both time and money.

Our Best Fit
Who we are absolutely stoked to work with
WordPress maintenance for start-up and small businesses (SMB)
Small Business or Startup

We get it. We were also a start-up at one time. And being a small team, you have bigger priorities than to manage your WordPress website. However, it can’t be neglected either. Precisely why agencies like us help you with your website maintenance while you take your business forward.

WordPress maintenance for non-tech businesses
Non-tech Businesses

If you are running a local salon or maybe a dental clinic, you don’t necessarily need to have a techie in your team. But who would manage your WordPress website? That’s an important lean gen channel, isn’t it ? Here’s where we come in. We jump in and manage your WordPress website from start to finish.

What's Included In Our WordPress Maintenance Service

Take a look at the host of tasks we do to keep your site healthy and up-to-date.
WordPress version and plugin updates by NOLIOS is included in our WordPress Maintenance Service
Version and plugin updates

We consistently keep your WordPress version updated and properly configured to keep it running smoothly. Besides that, we take care of all kinds of plugins, themes and other relevant updates as well.

Dedicated WordPress maintenance manager by NOLIOS
Dedicated WordPress Maintenance Manager

Forget about going through 1st level support, endless automated services or any of those other annoying things you usually go through to get to the person you actually want to speak to. We assign a dedicated WordPress maintenance manager to you who you can contact during business hours.

Up-time monitoring for WordPress by NOLIOS is included in our WordPress Maintenance Service
Continuous up-time monitoring

If you bring in $10k/month through your site and if it's down for an hour, you lose approx. $60/h. This may seem small but imagine this happening for 24 hours.You can do the math. We help you prevent that. Website downtime is unacceptable in this century and we ensure that at all times.

On-page SEO by NOLIOS is included in our WordPress Maintenance Service
On-page optimization

Humans have an attention span of 8 seconds and it’s shrinking. Your website can’t afford to be slow or have a bad UX (user experience). We ensure that your website loads fast (and continues to do so), your scripts load properly, your images are of the right size, your HTML isn’t out of place and more.

Need more info before you get started with us?

Get a FREE Audit or Choose a Plan Below

    Simple, No-BS Website Maintenance Plans

    Being affordable while adding value is one of our core principles.
    Basic WordPress Maintenance
    $197 / m
    Basic WordPress Maintenance
    • Update WordPress Core Files (monthly)
    • Update WordPress Plugins (monthly)
    • Update WordPress Themes (monthly)
    • Remove spam comments (monthly)
    • Offsite backup (daily)
    Select Plan
     Advanced WordPress Maintenance
    $397 / m
    Advanced WordPress Maintenance
    • Update WordPress Core Files (weekly)
    • Update WordPress Plugins (weekly)
    • Update WordPress Themes (weekly)
    • Remove spam comments (weekly)
    • Offsite backup (daily)
    • Client access to staging environment
    • Security Review (quarterly)
    • Speed Optimization Review (quarterly)
    • SEO Review (quarterly)
    • Email support (within 1 business day)
    • Reduced development rates
    • 2 hours wildcard dev. time / month
    • Save C$200 / month on our Advanced WordPress Security Plan
    Select Plan
    Stellar WordPress Maintenance
    $997 / m
    Stellar WordPress Maintenance
    • Update WordPress Core Files (weekly)
    • Update WordPress Plugins (weekly)
    • Update WordPress Themes (weekly)
    • Remove spam comments (weekly)
    • Offsite backup (daily)
    • Client access to to staging environment
    • Security Review (monthly)
    • Speed Optimization Review (monthly)
    • SEO Review (monthly)
    • Email & Phone support (business hours)
    • Reduced development rates
    • 8 hours wildcard dev. time / month
    • E-commerce maintenance
    • Get up to C$10'000 discount on our Stellar WordPress Security Plan
    Select Plan

    It depends on what your requirements are, what business you're in as well as other factors. However, based on our experience, we can recommend the following breakdown:

    Our basic plan

    This plan is generally for businesses where it's not a life and death situation if their site is down. These sites are generally smaller sites with few pages and minimal interaction. Examples would be "online business cards" for hairdressers, bakeries, locksmiths, etc.

    Our advanced plan

    This will be the plan that is a good fit for a lot of businesses. It covers sites that have more activity, contact forms, social media integration and where the business owners would feel the financial impact if the site was down for an extended period of time. Examples would be small "corporate sites" for medical clinics, aesthetic surgeons, lawyers, consultants and tax advisers.

    Our stellar plan

    This plan is for everyone else. It's the most comprehensive plan and is for businesses who rely heavily on their website. A downtime of any extended period of time could bankrupt the company or at the very least cause $1000's  damage. Examples include e-commerce sites, online travel agencies, video sites, social sites, etc.


    In some of our plans we offer a certain number of "wildcard dev time". This can be used for any small development tasks that you would need us to take care of. This can be anything from adding a new form, minor changes to design or whatever else can be covered in the given time-frame.

    In some of our maintenance plans we provide you with access to our staging environment. This is basically an exact copy of your website with all the updates and changes in place. Once we are done thoroughly reviewing it, you can also check it to make sure everything works as it should before we update your live website.

    It's an added measure we put in place to make sure everything is always perfect with your live site.

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. The changes will take effect on the next billing period.

    We'll be happy to take care of the maintenance for all your sites. If you have 3 or more sites please contact us for special bulk pricing. For 1 - 2 sites please just purchase multiple maintenance plans.

    If you would like us to take of your site which is not WordPress, please reach out to us and we'll find a suitable solution. If we can't help you, we may know of another reliable agency that can.

    We'll be sad to see you go, but yes, you can cancel your plan at any time.

    Yes, please contact us using our contact form, email or phone. We can discuss special pricing and requirements.