How We Helped a Luxury Safari Tour Operator Generate Leads for a Unique Safari Experience

Yoga Safari


About our customer


Luna Yoga Safari is an exclusive offer presented by Twende Tanzania, a safari tour operator based in Switzerland and Tanzania. Just as the name says, it's a combination of yoga and safari. The owner of Twende Tanzania has years of experience in providing only the best safari tours in Tanzania for discerning clients.

With the combination of yoga and safari he is targeting a sub-niche within his ideal client base.


The Challenges

We had the pleasure of designing a small website / landing page for the client. Here are the challenges we encountered (and provided solutions for):

  • A fast turn-around was required
  • The site should communicate mainly through stunning visuals
  • Limited written information
  • Site should only be used for basic lead generation
  • Of course it needs to look great on mobile
  • Tight budget

Now, working within those constraints (especially limited information and budget) was a challenge, but we were able to provide a solution for our long-time client that met and exceeded his expectations.

Yoga Safari


How we tackled it

We have been providing different services (such as SEO reviews, site optimization) for this client for a while and he reached out to us when he decided to launch a new product. Our client decided on a simple but visually stunning website to hopefully generate leads.

Here's how we approached the challenges and created a beautiful lead page for the client:

  • Focused on large visuals
  • Created a simple design that would allow us to develop the site within a short time frame
  • Ensured that contact forms were available and visitors had all required information
  • Make sure that the website is fast and optimized for mobile
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Yoga Safari 2
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The Results

We could go into all the technical details here but you would probably stop reading half-way through. Hence, the crisper version.

  • Custom designed a simple layout with full screen images
  • Added overlay text blocks to keep the site short but still visually appealing
  • Added a form that would collect basic information for the sales team to follow up with
  • We made it super-responsive for mobile
  • Optimized the site for speed and SEO within the tight budget

Even better:

  • The client decided to have posters created based on the website design that he would be able to distribute in upscale clinics and spas (i.e. where his potential clients are)
  • The website is set up and ready for lead campaigns in Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google Ads

It's interesting to see that even with tight budgets and deadlines, it's possible to create a custom lead page that draws in customers and generates business for the client.

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