How We Accelerated Dr. Camenisch’s Business By Giving Her Website A 360-degree Makeover

Colette Camenisch


About our customer


One of the top plastic surgeons based out of Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch is a name that needs no introduction.

She is no stranger to media and has featured several times on TV. She runs a luxurious clinic in downtown Zurich where she caters to the affluent society and upcoming celebrities.

With her years of mastery in plastic surgery and allied fields, she has launched her own product line of high-end cosmeceuticals.


The Challenges

As famous as she is, her medical website needed to be unequivocal. There were a host of problems plaguing the website:

• Outdated website design with an extremely bad UX
• Terrible load speed (scored below 50 on Page Insights)
• Little to no SEO optimization
• Lacked mobile responsiveness (which is of paramount importance)
• Lacked an online shop considering she sells physical products
• Mismanagement of the website which resulted in loss of $$$

Now, the website drives a major chunk of her leads. Needless to say, it’s one of the most important acquisition channels for a local business like hers.

Colette Camenisch


How we tackled it

Initially, we were brought in just to fix the design and implement a medical website. However, after careful analysis, we discovered that it would cost her less if we custom designed the website from scratch. She agreed. After that, it was just a matter of time!

Here’s how we fixed their WordPress website:

• Optimized pretty much everything: images, menu structure, on-page  SEO, load times, website size
• They used to get a lot of inquiries through calls. So, we added the click-to-call widget.
• We created an easy-to-use admin interface with swift navigation for the administrator to be more productive
• We made it super-responsive for mobile
• We integrated Stripe payment gateway for easy payments with CC and  other modes
• Obviously, we setup WooCommerce on WordPress to cater to the e-commerce clients for the product line
• Last but not the least, we regularly monitor the site for performance  and have a proper strategy in place to maintain the site month-over-month

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Colette Camenisch 2
Colette Camenisch 3
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Colette Camenisch 5
Colette Camenisch 6


The Results

If we were to talk about all the things we did to make the site great, we would probably be writing an ebook and you wouldn’t be reading it. Hence, the crisper version.

More importantly, what did it yield? Here’s what:
• According to Google Page Speed Insights, the load times increased to 98 on desktop and 70 on mobile
• We were able to reduce the website’s size by 70%
• We decreased the publish turnaround time from weeks to 24-48 hours
• We significantly decreased the monthly recurring cost of maintaining the site
• Additionally, the new site enabled us to reduce bug reports by at least 80%

Even better,
• the site started drawing more traffic on Google than ever
• ranked on several medium-volume keywords
• click-to-calls increased drastically (so much so that they weren’t able to keep up)

It’s fascinating to see how a simple custom web design can holistically change the complete attire and performance of a business.

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