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The Need for Custom Web Design

Custom web design is a necessity, not a luxury.

A design impacts every aspect of a customers experience and therefore should have a significant impact in how a business delivers this experience through it’s website.


Our custom web design and development focuses on high speed sites Slow websites

Research suggests that slow loading speed can lead to a decrease in conversions by 7%. Templated websites, too many plugins, unnecessary content & JS scripts are some of the reasons for a slow website. A custom web design can solve such problems.

A professional business should also look professional online as well, we ensure that with our custom web design Credibility takes a dive

If you don’t have a decent website design, people would judge you. In fact, 75% of consumers admit that they judge a business’ credibility based on their website design. Even if you provide the best service or sell a phenomenal product, a badly designed website directly affects your business.

Increase engagement on your website with a custom web design by NOLIOS Engagement takes a hit

Without a well-designed website, your visitors will simply stop interacting with your website. So much so that 38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Needless to say, without engagement, you can’t ensure that your visitor performs the desired action.

Why Choose Us?

Your business needs a partner like NOLIOS. Here’s why.
Custom web design by NOLIOS includes website security
We keep it safe

At NOLIOS, we are acutely aware that cyber-attacks can occur. We’ve made security our #1 priority. Your website is never 100% safe. However, we take the necessary precautions (version updates, plugin config & updates, security plugins, etc.) to prevent pesky vulnerabilities while giving your visitors a stellar experience.

Custom web design by NOLIOS respects your corporate design
Be productive

As a business, your time is money. We understand it perfectly. With NOLIOS, you need not worry about those pesky CSS changes or color shades on your website. Scale your business with a peace of mind while we take care of your routine website design tasks.

Over 15 combined years of custom web design experience
Trust the experts

With 15+ years of combined experience, we can safely say that we know what we do. We have designed & managed enough websites to know right from wrong. What does it mean for you? Simple. You can trust us to take care of your website. It means that you don’t have to try out 10 different companies and freelancers, saving you both time and money.

Modern and sleek custom web designs by NOLIOS
Up to date on trends

We already understand the fact that without a good web design, your website would pretty much be, well, just a website without fulfilling a need. We don’t design websites which existed in the 90s (you still see that, FYI) unless we are asked to do so. We are always updated on the latest trends. Our client websites are not only fast and secure, but they are built on the latest trends in design & aesthetics.

Our Best Fit
Who we are absolutely stoked to work with
Custom web designs for small business (SMB) and start-up websites
Small Business or Startup

We get it. Being a small team, you have bigger priorities than to sit and create a website from scratch. However, it can’t be neglected either. Precisely why agencies like us help you with your custom web design while you take your business to new heights.

Custom web design for non-tech business websites
Non-tech Businesses

If you are running a cafe or maybe a dermatology clinic, you don’t necessarily need to have a techie & a web designer on your team. But who would design & manage your WordPress website? That’s an important lead-gen channel, isn’t it? Here’s where we come in. We design & manage your website from start to finish.

What Our Service Entails

Take a look at why we should be your outsourced web designer
Core website security features are included in all NOLIOS web designs
Website security

Design & aesthetics are all well and good. But, is your site security considered during the development phase? Without that, you’re always vulnerable. We ensure, right from day 0, that your site is always secure against attacks that can affect your business.

NOLIOS custom web designs always result in mobile friendly websites
Mobile friendly

As you are aware, the current trend is going all mobile. Even the search engine giant, Google, has publicly stated its focus is towards mobile devices. Hence, all our client’s websites, by default, are created to be mobile-friendly.

NOLIOS web designs (custom) are always responsive

Different people use different screens. Some are on a 12” laptop while others are on 36” monitors. To avoid display issues, we design your website to be responsive across all screen sizes, devices & browsers, giving your visitors an excellent experience on your site at all times.

Web designs designed for you and your industry by NOLIOS
Industry specific design

To be honest, we hate templated websites. We understand that you’re creating the website to solve YOUR business problems. Additionally, your customers should understand your offerings in one-go. Hence, all our website designs are extremely niche in nature which cater 100% to your business’ needs.

NOLIOS custom web designs and development  result in technically search engine optimized websites
SEO optimized

At the end of the day, the search engines like Google need to find and index your site. This in turn will help your target audience to find you. For all this to happen, we make your website SEO-optimized as per Google’s latest search engine algorithm updates.

Custom web designs enables us to optimize the visitor experience and navigation
Easy to navigate

All of the above is great but what about the UX? If your site’s UX isn’t up to the mark, your prospects would simply drop-off. Hence, we put ourselves in the user’s shoes. The websites we create have an appealing and modern UX with awesome navigation to help keep your visitors on your site.

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    This depends on what the type of website. A simple landing page can be delivered within 24 - 48 hours, a basic WordPress website usually within 5 - 10 days and fully custom sites usually take up to 30 days (more if there is a lot of customization). Enterprise solutions are looked at case by case and giving an estimate here is hardly feasible.

    We spend a good portion of the time making sure your new website will run at it's best performance. We don't like to "just slap a site up and call it a day".

    Yes, if you have already had a website designed and now you just need it developed, we will be happy to do this for you. Please contact us and we will offer you a custom pricing solution once we have looked at the design and judged the complexity and your requirements.

    Yes, anything else wouldn't be very professional. If you already have a logo, CD (corporate design) style guides we will definitely use those on your new website. There must be a clear connection between your website, your business and any associated offline materials (such as business cards).

    The prices you see or the ones you are quoted are the exact amount you will be charged. We believe in working transparently and despise a bunch of hidden costs. We will not offer you a low-ball price just to get your business and then keep adding costs during the course of the project.

    One of the only exceptions when the price will change is if the requirements are significantly changed after we have already begun with the development. We're not referring to moving a field from here to there, but suddenly wanting a scheduling function which was not mentioned before.

    Website are usually very visual products, meaning we need lots of graphics and depending on your business, lots of images. We are aware that not every business has an abundance of visual material, so we source it (legally) for you from open source image libraries. If we cannot find suitable images we will discuss possible other sources.

    Yes, we can also provide you with a secure and fast hosting solution. We are currently working together with an excellent hosting provider in Switzerland and can offer you excellent conditions. Please contact us for more details.

    This is a multi-part meeting, where we get to know you, your business, your clients and what your goals are. Of course we will also introduce ourselves and then we will look at various solutions and strategies to best meet your requirements.

    Your dedicated project manager will be your single point of contact for any communication between us and you. Of course if we let him or her have some days off 🙂 you will be given a different project manager for the time being.

    Especially for larger projects, having a dedicated project manager will improve the efficiency and communication during the website / web shop development