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  • January 28, 2020

Using Instagram to Increase Online Visibility

Instagram is perhaps the number one application when it comes to image-based content on social media. It is an important advertising platform that allows businesses to use visual and creative messaging to engage consumers, generate leads, and promote online visibility for their brands.

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The Demographics of Instagram Users

Instagram has over 1 billion daily users and is one of the fastest growing and largest social media platforms. Statista released a report in October 2018 that showed almost 70% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, but the number of older users is growing each day.

Although this seems like a relatively young user base, a study by We Are Flint in the UK demonstrated that 60% of Americans that have a household income of over $100,000 per year use Instagram regularly. This makes it an attractive target market and lead source for boutique and luxury brands.

The same study reported that 45% of those with income in the $35,000 - $45,000 range actively use Instagram as well, making Instagram an equally attractive advertising outlet for more budget-friendly brands.

The wide range of demographics on Instagram makes it vital for a business to have a presence on the platform. As it is, over one million different advertisers that have already taken advantage of the app’s ability to direct advertisements towards specific markets and demographics for lead generation and to increase their online visibility.

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Effectiveness of an Image-Based Platform

The fact that Instagram focuses on visual elements like images and videos makes it very appealing to consumers and advertisers. Businesses can seamlessly integrate creative and eye-catching ad campaigns into the user experience on their Instagram feed, highly increasing their online visibility.

Instagram is aware of the opportunity for businesses to use their platform, and they are continuously working to improve features to allow the consumer-business interaction to flow even more effortlessly.

One of these useful tools is the Checkout feature, which allows users to click directly on an advertisement, see the product name, price, and features, and purchase it without having to leave Instagram. The user experience is so simplified that even shipping and delivery notifications will be housed within the Instagram application.

This feature is essential to getting more clients, as it takes advantage of a potential lead’s interest immediately – they don’t have to chase a trail of links in outside webpages or think about visiting the brand website or store. They can just go ahead and make the purchase or set an appointment without taking their eyes off their Instagram feed!

Another great feature that Instagram has that helps boost online visibility is hashtags. Hashtags allow public posts to be aggregated from all users on one single feed, based on a keyword that is tagged to the photo. The hashtag feed includes the top posts that use that hashtag, the most recent posts, and photos from related hashtags.

This is an important tool to take advantage of, as it can increase the visibility of your posts. You can hashtag your brand’s name and words associated with the company’s products and values to reach consumers who are interested in those tags. You can even encourage consumers to hashtag their own posts that include your product to further increase online visibility!

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Instagram Marketing in Action

Now that you have a little bit of background information on Instagram and its effectiveness in increasing online visibility, let’s use a concrete example to walk through how it actually works. Consider you are a brand that sells specialty sunglasses and your target demographic is middle- to upper-class individuals aged 25 to 35.

Your first step would be to create a post that is creative, unique, and will capture your target market’s attention. Once you have found the perfect image to post that demonstrates your brand’s values and showcases the sunglasses, you will want to use the checkout feature to identify the name of the sunglasses and their price. If they come in different colors you will want to identify that as well so when a consumer sees your photo and clicks on the glasses, they can be taken directly to the purchasing options.

Before you post the photo, you will want to caption it with a catchy comment and of course hashtags. You should hashtag your brand name and other words that you want consumers to associate with your brand. In this scenario, you would hashtag your #brandname, as well as words like #sunglasses or #style. This will ensure that the post appears on all the sunglasses and related feeds, reaching the appropriate consumers.

After you post the photo, it is important to stay engaged. Your goal is to generate leads that will eventually turn into customers, while also increasing your online presence. If someone comments on the post, try to respond to the post with encouraging words on why they need your product or a coupon code to purchase if available. Essentially, any user that likes or comments on the photo is a lead because they are interested in your product.

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Social Media Management

As you can see, Instagram is a valuable platform for finding more clients, quality lead generation, and increasing online visibility. However, the idea of having to build a social media presence and sustain a brand aesthetic can be quite daunting.

A social media management company can help you build a strong and consistent image on Instagram, as it is important to solidify your brand personality early on. They can help your business become instantly recognizable, where consumers can see an image in their feed and automatically associate it with your brand without seeing the name.

The social media management company can help you establish and maintain a dedicated follower base, as well as convert those individuals into paying customers. They can do this through helping you set up promotions and deals to drive first-time sales, contests to create buzz and online visibility, and teasers to pique interest and get them excited. They can even help you partner with charities to showcase your brand’s values.

Regardless of what type of product or service your company offers, social media management is an important tool that can drive sales growth and brand loyalty. Stay ahead of the competition and use a social media management firm to help you get to where you need to be.

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