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  • January 27, 2020

7 Ways to get more LinkedIn Followers

There’s nothing like LinkedIn to help you improve your brand or your company’s online visibility.

As a platform with over 500 million members worldwide, 40% of whom are in decision-making positions, LinkedIn is a sales goldmine.

But if you want to get customers through the platform, you’ll first need leads and followers. After all, LinkedIn is all about social selling.

In this post, we’ll show you how to leverage opportunities in LinkedIn and increase your LinkedIn followers for your company page.

Let’s take a look!

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Use Your Employees to Get More LinkedIn Leads

Before you start investing into paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator plans, consider using employee advocacy.

Your current employees are your best source of low-cost leads and improved online visibility.

When they share your post on social media, it reaches 561% further than when you share it through your company page. And if they’re LinkedIn power users, ask them to add your company as their place of employment.

You can also encourage your employee ambassadors to create their own content about your company as consumers trust other consumers much more than brands.

The main goal is to treat your employees as influencers.

They have sway within their communities. And if they’re also enthusiastic about your product, they’re more likely to interact with your target audience.

This way, you won’t just generate more leads (who will get familiar with your company by following you), but you’ll also improve your brand standing.

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Use Valuable Content for LinkedIn Marketing

There’s nothing LinkedIn leads love more than content.

In fact, 91% of marketing executives cite LinkedIn as the best source for finding high-quality content.

If you can provide your leads with value in a few hundred words, you’ll be showing them why your company page is worth following.

Put yourself in the shoes of your leads: why would they follow your company’s page on LinkedIn and share it with more like-minded individuals?

Just because you shared pictures from the last company retreat?

That’s not going to be enough to capture their interest.

Instead, find out what they’re interested in (that’s related to your product), and create the content they need. This way, they’ll be more likely to develop a genuine interest in your company and consider your product as the solution.

You should use LinkedIn with all of its inbuilt features (LinkedIn Pulse blogging and hashtags) to improve your online visibility.

You can browse through the hashtags to get a feeling for what your leads are interested in, create buyer personas, or just use simple tools like Answer The Public.

All of this will help you craft a content strategy that will entice your leads and turn them into customers.

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Connect with Leads through LinkedIn Groups

A great way to get more LinkedIn leads is by using groups.

There are millions of groups on LinkedIn; from users of particular products to different interests.

If you want to improve your lead generation with LinkedIn marketing, you should start participating in those groups. Invite your employees to do the same.

You can display the groups you’re active in on your company page, as well.

At first, don’t overly promote your company. Take part in discussions, start your own, and connect with your leads.

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Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are a great way of segmenting your audience.

For example, let’s say your company posts about marketing and sales.

Why not create separate pages for them?

This way, you can nurture leads who are interested in sales without disrupting them with marketing content, and vice versa.

Additionally, showcase pages will also show your leads what they can read about if they choose to follow you. They’ll be promoting your content for you!

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Promote Your LinkedIn Page Everywhere

If you want to get more LinkedIn leads and followers, you should bring light to your LinkedIn page on your website, in the newsletter and on other social networks, as well. You can even mention it at conferences.

Especially if you write educational, in-depth content that your leads will benefit from.

Make sure you integrate social buttons to your website and cross-promote content.

For example, if you’ve recently written an article on LinkedIn, promote it on other social networks your company is using.

This way, you’ll be capturing the interest of audience members who use LinkedIn more than other platforms.

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The Just-In-Time Strategy

When a topic is trending on LinkedIn, you should jump on the bandwagon.

Real-time marketing works great on LinkedIn, especially if you use event hashtags.

Let’s say your leads are advertisers who use Facebook for business. When they log on to LinkedIn, they’re going to be looking at the Facebook conference hashtag.

So wouldn’t you want to write a post or make a video about all the changes announced at the latest Facebook conference?

After all, when you add it to the marketing mix, real-time marketing improves customer sentiment by 16%, purchase intent by 14%, and interest and likelihood to recommend by 18%.

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Hyper-Targeted Leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Finally, you shouldn’t forget about LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

It’s one of the best prospecting tools that LinkedIn offers, and it can be a powerful solution for lead generation and improving your brand visibility.

The most important part of the Sales Navigator is its advanced search feature. You can filter leads by their roles in their companies, seniority, budget, and much more.

However, when you’ve found the right leads, don’t just attack them with your product offer.

Instead, start building a relationship with your LinkedIn leads through social selling.

View their profile first, and wait for them to express their interest by viewing yours. Then, send them a request to connect with a personalized message.

Take a look at their profile to identify any shared characteristics and things that could be good conversation starters. You can even recommend them a particularly useful piece of content you’ve posted on your company page.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find the perfect leads. All there’s left to do is choose the right approach and turn them into satisfied customers.

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