How We Helped a Medical Website Make an Impact in the Medical Field

My Fellowship


About our customer


MY-FELLOWSHIP is a platform designed to connect doctors, researchers, and hopeful professionals under the umbrella of a fellowship feedback program. It is our client’s mission to foster a network of past, current, and future fellows in a way that builds meaningful connections.

We have a long-standing relationship with MY-FELLOWSHIP that we are proud to uphold. In the past, we managed a large and complex channel of email marketing campaigns  as well as conducted survey development, engagement, and execution.


The Challenges

There were definitely some challenges with this email drip campaign and social media management. However, we met the following challenges head-on:

  • A survey was required to determine the demand for a new platform in the medical field
  • A specific sector of medical staff was to be targeted
  • Email and ad campaigns were expected to provide a high conversion rate in a very short time
  • There was no product to showcase and entice people to sign up
  • Data availability was very limited
  • Modifications to the landing page was very limited

Keep reading to find out how me met the above challenges and were able to meet the targets set forth by the client.

My Fellowship


How we tackled it

We were able to successfully run this multi-channel marketing campaign using some of the solutions below:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Social Integrations
  • Newsletter Campaign Marketing
  • Viral Email Marketing
  • Split-Testing
  • Drip Campaign Management
  • Email automation

From the initial planning phase to the monitoring and controlling of their campaigns, we continued to provide results for our client.

My Fellowship 1
My Fellowship 2
My Fellowship 3
My Fellowship 4
My Fellowship 5
My Fellowship 6


The Results

We could go into all the technical details here but you would probably stop reading half-way through. Hence, the crisper version.

  • Generated approx. 14k email leads
  • Increased site visits by at least 77%
  • Achieved close to 800 survey completions (one of the main goals)
  • Added over 10k medical institutes to the MVP database
  • Created significant engagement across several social media networks

Even better:

  • Based on our analytics and the feedback in the survey we created for the client, he has now taken the MVP live
  • The number of leads acquired during our marketing campaign can continuously be nurtured to further increase the conversion rates

This was definitely an interesting project and it was exciting to see how we were still able to achieve great results with the challenges that were in place.

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