How We Presented an Innovative Technology to Investors Through Social Media

Mithras Technology Social Media Management by NOLIOS


About our customer


Mithras Technology offers the clean energy world a unique and innovative product that is making huge waves and disrupting the industry. For the non-techies reading this, Mithras developed new technologies that convert wasted heat energy into a reusable form of energy.

Naturally, social media marketing and follower growth became the company’s communication vehicle of choice. The goal was to attract potential investors and cultivate a group of followers who  are potential future clients across a wide range of industries. From sports to medicine.


The Challenges

As a start-up with only a prototype, it's difficult to generate a following of potential clients and investors. The main challenges we encountered:

  • Visual material to publish on the different networks
  • Shareable content to generate interest
  • Very limited UGC (user generated content) since the product(s) weren't on the market
  • Frequency of new shareable content
  • Limited investor relevant information

Basic social media channels were there, but they needed to be optimized and others needed to be created from scratch

Mithras Technologies


How we tackled it

With the challenges apparent and clearly defined, we presented a couple solutions to the client and worked out the details for our final social media management strategy.

Here’s how we addressed the challenges:

  • Created missing social media profiles
  • Optimized existing social media profiles
  • Created a structured editorial calendar which clearly showed what would be posted when
  • Researched the best hashtags and groups to be active in
  • Increased their following in all active social media channels
  • Sourced content to fill in the gaps in our editorial calendar
  • Consulted on content strategy which could also be used on social media channels
Mithras Technologies 1
Mithras Technologies 2
Mithras Technologies 3
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Mithras Technologies 5
Branding and Social Media Management for Mithras Tech by NOLIOS


The Results

Here's a summary of the results we were able to achieve for Mithras Technology through our social media management:

  • Increased Twitter followers from approx. 800 to over 4500
  • Cultivated over 1900 relevant and targeted Instagram followers
  • Had over 25k organic engagements
  • Generated over 20k video views for a short video campaign
  • Increased engagement on the 4 weekly posts

Even better,

  • the client started to receive requests for investment opportunities
  • several social media users started to ask where and when they could buy the product
  • Engagement and followers continue to improve

It was interesting to observe the reactions we were able to generate for a product that is so new and innovative and not even on the market yet.

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