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  • January 27, 2020

When is the Best Time to Tweet?

When you’re using Twitter to increase the online visibility of your brand, it’s not enough to just create good content.

If you want to get better leads, you need them to see the awesome content you’re making.

And this means that you need to know when to post.

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Why Does Optimal Posting Time Matter?

Every social network has algorithms dictating when your posts will be displayed to your followers, and so does Twitter.

When you consider that over 5,787 tweets are sent every second, it becomes clear that you need an ace up your sleeve to make sure your tweet stands out in the crowd and captures the interest of your leads.

Fortunately, Twitter decided to go back to serving tweets chronologically. To put it simply: your followers will be seeing the recent tweets first.

However, the quality algorithm is still at play for its prominent Top Tweets feed feature.

So if you want to increase your lead generation through Twitter, you’re going to need to know the optimal posting times because of both the chronological feed and the Top Tweets feature.

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How to Find the Best Twitter Posting Time

Ideally, you should be posting when the majority of your followers are active.

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Twitter will display your tweets in the Top Tweets section if a lot of your followers interact with them. And if they’re displayed in the Top Tweets section, your tweets are more likely to be displayed in the ICYMI (in case you missed it) section.
  2. You want your followers to see your tweets at the top of their feed (and they do because Twitter displays the most recent tweets first).

According to Hootsuite, the general best time to post on Twitter is 3 p.m. on weekdays.

However, you can also use Twitter Analytics to get the first-hand info on when your followers are active.

Using Twitter Analytics to Find the Best Twitter Posting Time and Increase Online Visibility

Twitter Analytics is a very handy tool that will show you the engagement rate you get on your posts, the demographic and psychographic breakdown of your audience, and yes – of course – the optimal posting times.

However, keep an eye out for different time zones.

If a lot of your leads live in different parts of the world, chances are their 3 p.m. may not be your 3 p.m.

This is why it’s good to be consistent with your tweets. Especially since a tweet’s half- life is 24 minutes.

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Boosting Online Visibility with Twitter

If you use Twitter Analytics, you’ll see a breakdown of the times when your followers are most active.

Use it to identify peaks, and longer high-activity periods.

And finally, make sure you’re consistent!

There’s nothing like timely and relevant content being served often enough to turn those leads into customers.

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