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Why should you care about social media?

Social media can make or break your business before you know it.

The transparency and growing scale of social media demands executive attention. How are you mobilizing to put solid support structure behind your social media ambitions?

Everyone's on social media - social media management is a science Everyone’s There

80% of the people who have access to the internet are on social media. That’s approximately 42% of the world’s population. You would be a fool to not have your brand’s presence on social media.

Our social media management service builds a rapport with your clients Emotional Influence

Your customer is 78% more likely to visit your store & 87% more likely to visit your website/app once they have followed your page on social media. It’s a huge driver of traffic if you know how to utilize it.

Stand out above at least 50% of your competition with our social media management Competitive Edge

It is likely that your competition doesn’t have a well defined social media strategy since over 50% of the brand have claimed the same. Having a well documented social strategy on the right channels can virtually blow up your brand (...in a good way!).

Why go with us?

It is after all a big deal to outsource your social media management.
Social media management that focuses on natural growth
Natural Growth

Everybody hates bots. We do too. That’s why when you let us manage your social media, we ensure that your growth is extremely organic in nature. Nothing random happens. Pure, manually-implemented growth strategies.

Social media management with extreme focus on your niche
Niching Down

We also hate generic marketing strategies (spray and pray approach). It doesn’t work as much as you want it to. That’s precisely why we apply strategies that have been proven in your niche and drive results that exceed your expectations.

Social media management needs to take a 360 degree approach

We believe that social media is one holistic channel to drive business. This is precisely why we decided to do full-fledged, 360-degree social media management which can include anything from sourcing & scheduling posts to answering product queries across channels.

Our social media management service includes a dedicated project manager
Dedicated Managers

We love ownership just as you do. We want your social presence to grow significantly in the shortest amount of time. Hence, we dedicate a social media expert with years of experience to effectively deliver your goals.

Our Best Fit
Who we are absolutely stoked to work with
Small businesses and start-ups can profit from social media management services
Small Business or Startup

We get it. We were also a start-up at one time. And being a small team, you have bigger priorities than to manage your WordPress website. However, it can’t be neglected either. Precisely why agencies like us help you with your website maintenance while you take your business forward.

Non-tech businesses can profit from our social media management services
Non-tech Businesses

If you are running a local salon or maybe a dental clinic, you don’t necessarily need to have a techie in your team. But who would manage your WordPress website? That’s an important lean gen channel, isn’t it? Here’s where we come in. We jump in and manage your WordPress website from start to finish.

What We Can Help You With

Our social media management solution comes with a host of services.
Our social media management services get the strategy right for you
Get The Strategy Right

Without a predetermined social media strategy, you’re virtually throwing stones in the dark. We will gauge your needs, sketch out opportunities, and prescribe actions for long-term social media success.

Our social media management services audit your current setup to the core
Audit It To The Core

You need to know where you stand. You might be doing something that would have yielded great results - but you don’t know it. That’s why your social channels must undergo an in-depth audit before we dig deeper.

Our social media management services include hashtag research
Hashtag Right

Hashtags literally rule the world now. #TheRightHashtag research will get you to new heights. Hence, we make this a priority for all our projects right from the start. We research the hashtags which is relevant for you and even create your own hashtag which you can then utilize as your brand hashtag.

Our social media management services include extensive follower growth & engagement
Extensive Follower Growth & Engagement

We don’t believe that paid ads is the only way to grow your channels. We employ tactics that not only grows your follower base but also compels your audience to engage with the posts.

Our social media management services include continuous optimization and detailed reports
Continuous Optimization & Reporting

We continuously optimize your profile to keep it performing on all gears. Besides that, we manually compile the necessary metrics into areport where you would see how our efforts are bearing fruits.

We won't just post random stuff in our social media management service
Niche-Specific Posts

Like we mentioned before, we hate templatized stuff. Needless today, part of our service includes sourcing, writing and scheduling posts to enhance your brand’s presence on social media. Also, to keep your audience ever curious and learning, our posts are specifically tailored to the niche you’re operating in.

Are you ready for your business to become a social media rockstar?

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    This depends completely on what type of business you're in, who your customers are, where they hang out and several other factors. Defining these parameters is part of the strategy we tailor to your business.

    Generally no, since you already have or will have pages or profiles for your company. In some cases (for example where you are the brand), we may need access. This is all discussed and reviewed during kick-off. In any case, we will have an NDA (non-disclosure-agreement) in place to protect you and your business.

    We take care of as much as we can, including creating content and answering queries. In cases where the questions asked are too specific, we will forward these to you to answer. We do NOT use bots to give people useless generic answers. If we cannot help, we forward the query to you.

    Other than the above, there isn't anything you need to do. Especially as our relationship grows and the trust increases. We understand that in the first couple months you may want to keep a closer eye on us and what we're doing and/or approve what we post on your behalf.

    You can, if you plan on not having much time for anything else. Being active and noticed on social media takes a lot of work. Sourcing great content, crafting ideal texts and posting frequently (up to several times per DAY). We have the expertise, the team and the tools in place to properly manage social media channels in a manner that they will actually provide results.

    Yes, you can cancel your plan at anytime. We understand that running a business is a highly fluent situation and that priorities and other factors change.

    Yes, please contact us using our contact form, email or phone. We can discuss special pricing and requirements.